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Mila Djuras is the principal of Intermind Design Inc, one of the most awarded Design-Build boutique companies in Greater Vancouver where every aspect of the project from architectural & interior design, management, quality and budget control are solely coordinated by the designer.

 Unlike most traditional Design-Build companies that are run by contractors who hire out designers for preliminary work, this uniquely merged, integrated design/build process allows Intermind Design to approach every project holistically, creatively and with the highest degree of quality control.

 This ensures that each tradesperson and subcontractor possess a clear and unified understanding of each aspect of the project. The highly skilled team at Intermind Design never shies away from challenges while collectively approaching obstacles resourcefully transforming them into opportunities of creating innovative environments.

 Mila is a visionary whose creative direction yields distinctly one-of-a-kind spaces. Her unique and enigmatic personality along with the ability to have an open and transparent dialogue inspires her passion for building both, meaningful relationships with clients and personal yet timeless living and working environments.

 With 20+ years of experience in the design/build realm and a growing number of awards and accolades for her work, Mila has successfully made a name for herself amongst a male dominated industry.

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