Your designer, whose name escapes me at the present time, is absolutely BRILLIANT!

That was a tough, old, very funky and broken up space, with lots of doors and small rooms, but what she's done with the choice of colour, paint, stickers, artwork, and a few inexpensive pieces of furniture is beyond design, it is a work of art.

The grey she has chosen is at once serious, 'academic', studious, and yet encompasses all the other subtle complimentary and contrasting colours simultaneously and blends them into a harmonious whole, without being overtly 'designer'. The colour patches, echoed in the cubby holes for the kids stuff, lend a playful and childlike quality to the space, and remind you of it's purpose; to educate kids.

Then suddenly you are beaten over the head WHAM!!!! with those brilliant shiny white vinyl couches...WHAT???!!! Fantastic! A stroke of genius... how would you EVER pick that? The white 60's space-age-Jetson tables with the funky plastic chairs, the stickers everywhere contrasting and complimenting, and the BATHROOM is fantastic. The funky brushed aluminum and plastic toilet seat, with the lovely taps and sink, the stickers, again, and the colours...amazing.

This place is truly a work of art. That woman, I'm sorry I can't remember her name (but I'll never forget it again once you remind me), is an artist of the highest order. Wonderful! The kids will love this place!

Cameron Hood

We wish to express our gratitude for the most excellent design and renovation services that you and your team provided. You have transformed a basic, building standard condo into a modern, sophisticated apartment. The revised layout accommodates our needs far better than the original layout, the colours are attractive and the design accents in tile and light fixtures work even better than we could have imagined. We commend you for knowing what we wanted better than we did.

All of this was accomplished on time, on budget and in a manner that respected the guidelines imposed by the building's strata council.

We are happy to give you and your team an excellent recommendation to anyone seeking design and renovation services.

Lance and Carolyn Shandler

The interiors of Intermind Design principal Mila Djuras, are filtered through tradition and reinvented into a discernable product that reflect the homeowner's preferences. Interior architecture is never overlooked when Mila designs a space—she ensures that rhythm, texture, colour and artistic symbols deliver a message in harmony with the entire home. Her expertise extends into various home styles and commercial spaces, but no matter the desired end result, Mila advocates functionality that operates hand-in-hand with cultural values.

Karen Lim, Panache Publishing

I am a previous client of Intermind Design. The budget for our project was approximately $70,000.00 (it was adjusted as additional work was requested by us as owners.) The work began and was completed in 2010.

Intermind Design listened to our ideas and designed a beautiful, functional space for us. The designer was skilled at explaining the rationale behind ideas and concepts and this helped us avoid making costly or ugly mistakes. We were given time to consider options, and the result is so much better than what we could have achieved without their guidance. At the end of the project, as is typical during a renovation, I was out of steam to complete the finishing touches, and appreciated the guidance to see the project through to the final shopping, furniture, picture and accessory arrangement.

I would recommend Intermind Design to others, and use them again.

Intermind Design listened to any concerns we had during the renovation, and worked with us to resolve any issues that arose during the course of this renovation. No deficiencies have arisen since our renovation was completed.

We are very pleased with the work done by Intermind Design, and are really enjoying our ‘new' space.

Leila Lolua

I met Mila Djuras from Intermind Design eight years ago and since then, have employed her to implement the design on two major renovations and four smaller projects. I have been amazed at how well all of these renovations progressed and attribute their overwhelming success to Mila's superior knowledge of design as well as of the whole realm of the construction industry. Her intuitive manner resulted in a design that was very specific to my personality and needs. All problems were solved in a very timely, stress-free manner and my input was graciously received. I was consulted in all decisions and my questions were all addressed.

Perhaps what I still find the most rewarding of the first major renovation of my principal residence is of its timeless appeal. New visitors to my home still rave about the beautiful décor and are very surprised when I tell them that it was done eight years ago. Previous to this renovation I felt that I was constantly looking for new design and decorative features for my house and now I feel that my home is complete and I have no desire to change anything. It is still as wonderful now as when it was completed eight years ago. It gives me the total feeling of what I want my home to be.

Last, and most importantly, is that I wish to say what an absolute pleasure it is to work with Mila. Her knowledge, sense of humour and integrity are very special. She will always go that extra mile for her clients.

Joanne Renwick

I have known Mila Djuras for almost 15 years profesionally.We have had several projects that we have worked on all of those years.

In 2008 I built a house with a budget of $ 600,000.00 and Mila Provided me with her design services as well overseen the project through all of the building stages.She is the most creative person that I know and kept me involved in every process of building.

We are extremly pleased with all of the expertise that she provided. Our Kitchen in the end was nominated for a " Georgie Award" and in in end our city building inspecter's comment was that this was one of the finest home she has seen on the eastside.

She was so through in making sure that all of the trades completed all of the work properly that all of the inspections were passed the first time.

Since then we have reccomended her to countless friend's as well as clients from our store and everyone including other designers seek her services and all have been very pleased.


Mannie Bains
Bravura Interiors Inc.

Our relationship with Mila Djuras and Intermind Design goes back ten years,and includes the redesign and remodeling of a townhouse; a 1911 heritage house; a 1945-vintage home in Queen's Park; and two condos, all in New Westminster, plus two businesses in Burnaby. Our most recent collaboration has been the redesign and renovation of our 1925 Queen's Park home.

As this history attests, Intermind Design is a highly versatile firm. They provide excellent and creative design services as well as project management, always within budget limitations, and choose skilled and competent trades people to carry out the construction work. All of our projects, residential and commercial, have exceeded our visions and expectations.

As we have bought and sold properties over the years, we have no doubt that we have realized substantial profits largely because of Mila's ability to re-envision a space and make it into something amazing. We enthusiastically recommend Intermind Design to anyone thinking of undertaking a renovation.

Rebecca and Edna

In 2000 we engaged Intermind Design to redecorate our townhouse. For only $12,000 Intermind painted our entire interior and purchased new furniture and accessories. The end result was spectacular.

Intermind Design renovated what would become our new home in 2005/06. We had purchased an old house in 2005 that was subsequently stripped down to the studs and raised while a new foundation was poured. Structural framing, plumbing, and electrical were all required. All aspects of rebuilding our home right through to the move-in stage were handled by Intermind. Our new home was finished in August of 2006, at a cost of approximately $640,000.

We couldn't have been happier. The house was, and still is, absolutely incredible. The requirements of each family member were thoughtfully incorporated into the design elements. As a result, each one of us, regardless of age, fell in love with our new home. And our house never fails to impress our guests. One friend called it a work of art.

When co-workers saw photos of our house, they were so impressed that Intermind was hired to decorate our office in Burnaby. Afterwards, one senior executive commented that it was the most beautiful office of all our sites around the world.

We recommend Intermind to all our friends and family. And if we eventually purchase another house or condo, we wouldn't consider working with any company other than Intermind.

Yours Sincerely,
Mary McCordic and Todd Burman

It is the commitment to design that marks Intermind Design's difference from many other design-build and renovation companies which do not aim to innovate or strive to consider the client's sense of self . The designer does not just produce a shell to be filled up eventually by his/her client's belongings. The designer aims to create architecturally and spatially a space of comfort and ease from the very onset of the design process. The way a corridor or stairwell is formed, or the height and dimensions of a living room, or even the number of windows and the amount of light let in through these windows all reflect the designer's intentions to create a space that is truly and ultimately reflective of client's personality and desires, and his/her family and friends who may frequent his/her abode.

Patrick Foong Chan PhD, Emily Carr University of Art and Design

I have been resorting to Mila Djuras' creative insight and expert advice for over ten years. Over the years, Mila has provided me with inspirational design ideas for three of my renovation projects. She was my major consultant when it came to choosing appropriate color schemes for various rooms and ensuring high-quality materials were incorporated all while guaranteeing my budget was not exceeded. Regardless of what style my home was, Mila's professional ability to produce an innovative final product helped me increase the value of my properties and successfully sell each investment.

Vladimir Karma

I am writing this letter to validate the outstanding involvement by Mila Djuras with the construction of the acute care facility commonly known as the VRS West 63rd Avenue project. The project was a new prototype care facility based integrating extremely disabled persons into a home like setting while maintaining strict observance of the codes and bylaws governing a hospital class of building. Mila provided considerable assistance not only in providing interior design but also by working with other volunteers to provide direction and inspiration. This was not an easy task given that much of the material and labour was donated. When it was needed Mila went out of her way to solicit materials that match that of the décor and provide cost savings for The Vancouver Resource Society, the building owner.

The project turned out to be a huge success in that the patients and visitors could hardly sense that this was an extended care facility. Mila chose all of the finishes and a lot of the equipment and fixtures for the project. Her husband who is an artist and several other volunteers painted murals in the patient's rooms. At the end of the project Mila coordinated a large social event with officials from both the city and provincial government attending as well as a few local celebrities. As the project manager I worked closely with Mila and in doing so gained not only a great admiration for her talent but also respect for her. Mila truly is committed to helping others and takes an unselfish attitude in all of her endeavours.

Allan Goertzen, Project Manager Daystar Homes Ltd.

Intermind started working on our house in 2009 and finished in 2010. The budget for the work was $120,000. The work was phased at our request. The work involved renovating most of our 3000 sq. foot house except for 2 of the bathrooms in addition to landscaping the front and back yard. We were impressed with Intermind's work. In particular we would note that Intermind:

1. Created a design and budget that fit with our financial circumstances;

2. Honoured the budget and discussed any cost or scope increases with us before proceeding.

3. Provided transparency on the costs and provided bills of purchases.

4. Had good project management

5. Is an extremely creative design team and presented design options

6. Provided good customer service in working through the deficiency list

We have recommended Intermind Design to friends and would use their services again.

Your truly,
Elizabeth Ballard, P.Eng.

Mila visited us at our townhouse, talked about our life in general, our budget (very important), looked at our furnishings and took pictures. She visited the new apartment and within minutes she knew what she wanted to do for us and within our budget. That was the beginning of a relationship we hope will never end. She is simply an amazing woman with a highly educated, very deep perception of design – an artist. As well, all the contractors admire and respect her work and ethics. And, she is kind, considerate and has a generous heart. As a result, except for the two bathrooms, our apartment was transformed into a very comfortable, more functional living space using all the furniture we wished to keep and on budget.

George & Sherrill McLeary

Intermind Design undertook a renovation project in my home at 2065 Sandown Place, North Vancouver. The project included the design and construction of a 1400sf deck, and the updating of the exterior of the home by installing low roofs, a new staircase, and a low wall.

The budget for the project was $40,000 and the project was completed in 2005 with no deficiencies in Intermind's work. It has endured very well since the construction: No deficiencies have arisen in Intermind's work in the past 5 years since the project was completed. On the contrary, the work has endured far better than I had anticipated. Workers whom I invited to perform regular maintenance and staining of the deck regularly praise the quality of the construction.

Intermind Design's work was extremely professional. The design was very innovative and added lots of beauty to my home's exterior. The magnificent deck has become a centerpiece of the property. The construction of the deck and roofs is first rate.

I have recommended Intermind Design to friends, and I plan to use their services again when I renovate the top floor of my home.

I could not be happier with Intermind's work. Mila Djuras' attention to every detail of construction and her innovative designs make Intermind Design a top choice for home renovations.


Moshe Renert Director, The Renert Centre for Excellence in Education